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Jerry Brown’s Bio

Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown, Jr. was born April 7, 1938 in San Francisco.  He is a California politician and the son of former Governor Pat Brown.  He served as California’s 34th governor and is the current Attorney General of the State. He is once again a candidate for governor in the election to be held in November of 2010.

He is the only son of Bernice Brown and San Francisco lawyer, district attorney and later Democratic Governor Edmund G. “Pat” Brown.  Jerry Brown graduated from St. Ignatius High School in 1956 and studied at Santa Clare University, a Catholic university.  He then entered Sacred Heart Novitiate, a Jesuit seminary, in 1958 intending to become a Catholic priest.  Brown later left the seminary and entered the University of California at Berkeley where he graduated with a BA in Classics in 1961.  Brown then attended Yale Law School and earned a Juris Doctorate in 1964.

Following law school, Brown clerked for Supreme Court of California Justice Mathew Tobriner, and studied in Mexico and Latin America.

He first came to public attention in his own right in 1960 when his dad was governor and Jerry Brown demonstrated against the Death Penalty for Caryl Chessman in California, reportedly winning a 60 day reprieve for Chessman from his father.

Brown has had an enviable and lengthy political career.

Five years after graduating from Yale, he began his political career with his election to the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees (1969–1971) at the age of 30.  Half way through his term, he ran for and was elected as California’s Secretary of State (1971–1975), then Governor of the State (1975–1983), ran for President one year later in 1976 and again ran for President in 1980, ran for US Senate in 1982, served as chair of the California Democratic Party (1989–1991), resigned from his chairmanship of the California Democratic Party to run for an open US Senate seat before switching to ran again for President in 1992, was elected the Mayor of Oakland (1998–2006), and is currently the Attorney General of California (2007–present).  Term limits became law in 1990, so he is legally eligible to run for his third term as governor.

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