The Forgotten Years

California Supreme Court Chief Justice Rose Bird

Perhaps Governor Brown’s most controversial judicial appointment was Rose Bird as the Chief Justice of the California State Supreme Court. Appointed in February of 1997, Brown stunned the legal community by announcing his nomination of his Secretary of Agriculture and Services Agency – and his former campaign chauffeur – Rose Elizabeth Bird who he had […]

Republican Superior Court Judge Robert Stevens

Senator Robert Stevens’ political influence was based largely on his maverick liberal Republicanism which earned him a large backlog of political IOUs.  On major tax bills and farm labor issues, Stevens became the deciding vote for Governor Brown’s programs. On July 7, 1977, Brown re-paid Stevens

Court of Appeals Justice Paul Halvonik

Paul Halvonik was a Justice of the California State Court of Appeals, the second highest level in the state’s judicial system and was known to be a leading contender for the next vacancy on the California State Supreme Court. On September 17, 1979, Deborah Halvonik called the Oakland police to report a burglary in their […]

Fresno Judge Lenore Schreiber

Lenore Schreiber was an intelligent and aggressive lawyer with the Fresno County Public Defender’s office when Governor Jerry Brown appointed her a Judge of the Fresno County Municipal Court in January 1978. In selecting Schreiber, Brown was appointing the first woman to serve on the Fresno court. Prior to her appointment, several senior members of […]

Judge Hugh Wesley Goodwin

Goodwin was appointed to the Fresno Municipal Court on January 29, 1976.  Prior to his appointment, Goodwin had been an Assistant Public Defender in Fresno County for nine years.  Previously, he had been a member of the Fresno City Council and the Fresno County Board of Supervisors. Judges have an awesome responsibility.   Unfortunately, some allow […]

Judges Fred Gabourie and Gilbert Alston

Governor Jerry Brown appointed Fred Gabourie to the Los Angeles County Municipal Court in January of 1976. Gabourie had an interesting past, including helping to negotiate an end to the violent occupation at Wounded Knee in South Dakota by radical Indian activist Dennis Banks.  The two were to become friends. As a result of that […]

San Diego Judge Lewis Wenzell

Appointed by Governor Brown in 1978 at the age of 35, Judge Wenzell was “modernistic” in his judicial views and personal manners. In 1972 he had moved to San Diego and became a Senior Trial Attorney in the Federal Defenders Office.  An expert defense lawyer, he joined the San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers Club, and […]

Contempt of Court: Judges Fratianne and Miller

One of Brown’s appointments to the Los Angeles County Superior Court (Van Nuys District) was Robert D. Fratianne.  He was appointed by Brown on October 17, 1978. At the time of his appointment, Judge Fratianne had a wife and five children.  One was a two time world figure skating champion and an Olympic Silver Medalist.

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