The Forgotten Years

Edward R. Jagels Weighs In On Book About Jerry’s Judges

POST UPDATE:  The book is now available through Amazon. By 1981, Governor Jerry Brown’s appointments to the State Supreme and appellate courts had changed the azimuth of California criminal law and procedure. As this book demonstrates, his appointees, some personally strange or venal and some merely dedicated ideologues, transformed the State’s criminal jurisprudence into something […]

Amazon to Carry “Gov. Jerry Brown’s Destruction of the California Judiciary”

(Available at Amazon for $9.95) A shocking look at Governor Brown’s appointment of judges who were far-left friends, donors, politicians and just shock value appointees, regardless of the lack of any qualifications in many, many cases. This book highlights the antics, bizarre behavior, and outright illegal actions of individuals before and after they were appointed […]

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EXECUTIVE PROFILE Louis Wm. Barnett is a native Californian, born in Long Beach and raised in the San Fernando Valley. A nationally known conservative activist, Mr. Barnett was a co-founder of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the bipartisan national organization of conservative state legislators.  He served as Political Director of the American Conservative Union (ACU) […]

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